Amber Absolute Oil


Amber is a fossilized tree resin that is well appreciated for its color & natural beauty. It comes in form of a soft, sticky tree resin and used for manufacturing of ornamental objects & jewelry. For getting finished product ‘Amber oil’ it is usually mixed in base of beeswax and combined with other essential oils & carriers.


Amber, Styrax


Organic Patchouli, Jojoba oil and natural Vitamin E


Communic acid, Labdane, Biformene.


Amber oil is used for jewelry & ornaments as well as in the flavoring for akvavit liquor. Made through process called destructive distillation, the yielding oil contains succinic acid that can be used in health products.

About SK Essentials

SK Essentials create Flavors for everyday products as diverse as Hookah/ Shisha Molasses, Tobacco industries, Mouth Fresheners beverages, biscuits, confectionery, dairy products, and savoury food.

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